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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  September 13, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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from the first local station with news in high definition, this is 9 news now. >> hello. i'm jc hayward. the man at the center of the new york islamic center defended his plan in a speech before the council of foreign relations this morning. randall pinkston reported the muslim leader hinted he is working on a compromise plan. >> reporter: he muslim leader is working on a compromise. >> that will resolve the crisis, diffuse it and not create any of the unforeseen circumstances that we are -- that we do not want to see happen. >> reporter: he did not specify
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what the solution is but critics say the answer is simple, move the center away from ground zero. >> the reason it is insensitive is because of the feelings of the people who lost loved ones at ground zero. the vast majority are in great pain and distress over this and a man of healing and tolerance would take that in to consideration. >> there are police barricades where it would be built. a poll shows seven out of ten new yorkers oppose building it so close to the site of the 9/11 terror tack but the ama'am objects to claims this is hallowed ground. >> to claim it is hallowed ground, it is hallowed ground in one sense, but you know it dunn add. >> reporter: president obama and new york mayor bloomberg support creating the center and says think world is waiting if the outcome to the controversy. randall pinkston bs cbs news,
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new york. congress returns to take on president obama's proposed tax cuts for the middle class. he wants to eliminate reductions for people making more than $200,000. the white house is encouraged that leading republican congressman john boehner signaled he would support the president's plan if it is his only choice. democrats are eager to promote tax cuts to try to ward off challenges from the gop in the fall's mid-term election. tax cuts are a big tea party issue. we are turning our attention to campaign 2010. one day left before the important mayoral primary in the district of columbia. both candidates will be out today trying to sway undecided voters. some new shaky youtube video is raising allegations of vote buying. this time it is against the vincent gray campaign. supporters of fenty interviewed people who say they were offered giant gift cards if they got in a van and went to
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vote early. let's take a listen. >> if i get in your van. >> if you get on our van you have to go vote and get back on i will be here. >> okay. >> who do i speak with, gray? >> you can vote for whoever, you can vote for yourself. >> they charged they were promised $100 to vote for fenty the mayor denied the allegation. dc school officials released details of how teachers can qualify for performance-based pay raises. the raises could make dc teachers among the highest paid in the country. dc instructors ranked highly effective may be eligible for a one-time bonus up to $25,000 and teachers, who maintain that ranking for two straight years could see their base pay rise by as much as $28,000 a year.
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the bonuses are part of a contract, signed in june, that raised average dc features ' pay to $81,000 a year. it was a nail biter of a season opener, but the redskins pulled out a win last flight over the cowboys. the final score, redskins 83- cowboys 7. kristin fisher spent the morning in arlington where fans were waking up to a new era. >> redskins fans maybe sleep deprive rifed this monday but feeling good after the win over the cowboys. check out the front page of the "washington post." it reads win is as good as gold. redskins new era under coach shanahan begins with a victory. >> it was exciting to start the season with a win and a new coach, new season, new time. >> reporter: a new quarterback. >> right, a new quarterback. >> reporter: skins fans were celebrating overbreakfast at
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bob and edith's diner in arlington. >> he was great last night. i'm very excited about the new coach. we have the fire back in portis ' belly again. i love to see portis doing so well. >> reporter: sydney fisher is eating breakfast with her husband. the only problem she is a redskins fan and he is a cowboys fan. >> we are generally nice to each other about it and we don't tease too much. if the over team does well we are willing to acknowledge it. >> are you willing to concede anything on how her team played last night? >> they won with trick plays at the end of every half and i'm looking at her to make sure i'm not in trouble. >> reporter: in arlington, kristin fisher, 9 news now. >> stay with 9 news now for coverage of the monday post game press conferences that will be held tonight during the u.s. open. if you would like to read more on the redskins victory and other results around the league
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go to our website at click on the sports tab. authorities are looking for a gunman who apparently is targeting law enforcement officers in calvert county, maryland. someone sprayed two homes with bullets. a st. mary's county sheriffs deputy lives in one house and a maryland state trooper lives in the other. the families of both officers were home when the shots rang out. officers have been told to take necessary precautions. >> my son just moved his wife and child out. state police, our sheriffs deputies have taken that same action until we get to the bottom of this. >> reporter: investigators believe the shootings may be in retaliation of the recent arrest of suspected gang members. they say some alleged gang members have openly threatened officers. a suspect wanted in connection with a deadly shooting in fairfax county is now in police custody. 44-year-old david patten has
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been charged. they say that he shot and killed 48-year-old steven carr. the victim's body was found in his home along field master drive near siden striker road last night. investigators say the men knew each other, but at this point there is no word on a motive. some residents in the adams morgan community are upset over a police officer shooting a dog with thousands of bystanders looking on. at this point, police are not commenting on yesterday's shooting at the adams morgan day celebration. according to witnesses, two dogs, both on leashes, got in to a fight on the sidewalk on 18th street northwest. the witnesses say that a dc k-9 officer broke up the fight by tossing one of the dogs down the stairwell and by shooting. the owner of the dog killed suffered minor injuries trying to break up the fighting dogs. no one else was injured.
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coming up next when we continue, find out why a popular procedure for heart patients might not be a good idea if you have already suffered a stroke. it tops the afternoon health alert. plus, we will look at how our recent lack of rain is affecting a main source of drinking water. we'll be right
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topping the health alert a
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new study suggests that stints, which are used to prop open arteries may not be a good idea for stroke patients over 70. researchers town elderly patients doubled their risk of having another stroke or dying, compared those who had surgery. experts believe the reason may be that the arteries of older people are more easily damaged during the stint procedure. taking multivitamins may not necessarily help colon cancer patients battle the disease. in a study of 1,000 people the vitamins failed to lower the chances of colorectal cancer deaths vitamins also failed to lower the likelihood of a cancer returning among survivors. despite the findings, researchers say certain vitamins may be helpful in fighting off cancer. that hand sanitizer that is everywhere may not be protecting you from getting ill. a study, from the university of virginia, says using alcohol-
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based sanitizer may not limit your chances of catching a cold or the flu. in a test, people who used the sanitizer still had germs on their hands. the amount was slightly less than those that didn't use it. the report appears in the daily progress newspaper. coming up next, howard with the forecast. some dense fog this morning but it is gone. not a cloud to be found and a gorgeous afternoon. we will go to a break. the allergy update washed out from yesterday's rain. temperatures in the 70s. the full seven-day forecast looking ahead to next weekend when we return.
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i'm peggy fox with the monday moms like me spotlight. today fostering a positive relationship with your child's teacher and why that is so important and how to do it. with us to explain is brenda hyde the publisher of washington family magazine. why is it important to do this? >> it shows your child you care and the importance of education and helps you meet the teacher and find out what the classroom situation is like in case there are problems. >> could it help prevent
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problems from happening if that teacher knows you? >> oh, obviously. if you know someone you are better at talking to them and you can understand what your child says when they come home and complain about the teacher. maybe they are having a problem in the class. >> maybe you know that i don't think that is true about your teacher because i know your teacher. how do you build a positive relationship? >> meet the teacher as soon as possible. don't wait for the open house. try to get in and see the teacher as soon as you can. volunteer in the classroom. be there. know what is going on. share your talents. >> right. if you say i can videotape or stuff like that? help out on field trips a generally keep in touch. >> very good. i know you have a lot of great ideas, more ideas and you are going to put them in the family magazine group on go to the website and learn how taphouser that positive relationship with your child's teacher. -- foster that positive relationship with your child's
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teacher. a six-story building came tumbling down and it was caught on tape. this happened yesterday in northwestern india. building inspectors were on the site when the building collapsed. officials say the guest house was illegally built on top of a store. luckily no one was inside when that building caved in. crews near denver, colorado are battling a blaze that is threatening dozens of homes. the fire was touched off yesterday and destroyed two homes so far. residents living in the region have been ored out of their homes and noorly 200 firefighters are battling the blaze on the ground and in the air. a drought wash has been issued for the washington region by the council of government and that means the possible of more brushfires and water restrictions if things get worse. scott broom found dramatic effects of our dry weather in loudoun county, virginia. >> no, this isn't very high and we have some shorter than this. >> reporter: this is the sweet
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corn john tried to grow this year. it didn't work out at all. >> it is more than dramatic. it represents a substantial loss of revenue. >> reporter: governors of virginia and maryland are in the process of applying for federal disaster aid because of widespread damage like this. and here's another place where the drought is having dramatic effects. >> this is the potomac river at point of rocks, maryland. on that side is virginia. over here is maryland. i'm going to keep walking. nowing remember, as i keep walking out in the river, that this is the water supply for 90 to 95% of the washington region. well, here i am. dead in the middle of the potomac river. that's virginia on that side. point of rocks, maryland on that side. it is barely calf deep right here. now, this is still enough water
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to keep to supply our needs in the washington area but it is not nearly as much water as usual. >> fish and see what i can. >> reporter: eric came down to do fishing today and was surprised by what he ground definitely could use some rain. not a quick thundershower but a downpour would be great. >> reporter: you may notice i didn't walk all the way to maryland because there are deep spots closer to the other side but the fact is you can wade almost across the whole thing and barely get your pants wet. 9 news now. we have a program reminder for you. the u.s. open is going to air today beginning at 4:00 p.m. that was postponed yesterday because of rain. and then we want you to know that 9 news now will follow the game. so keep your channel on channel 9. >> slight chance of them seeing a shower up there but we will be in good shape the next several days. we do need rain. it is not just loudoun county
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we have growing drought concerns, six inches below average since january, and there are areas north and west and south of town where it is worse than it is here in washington. let's get to the maps. a lot of sunshine to talk about the rest of the afternoon. in the mid-70s now. low to mid-80s. if the west winds kick up could be down sloping and drier air. 83, possibly 85 this afternoon. by 9:00, still looking at clear skies and temperatures in the 70s. overnight, partly cloudy, clear to partly cloudy, cool. 56 to 64. light west winds. sunset 7:20. then for tuesday, sunny, breezy and pleasant. lower 80s. northwesterly winds at 10 to 15 an the dry air is just starting to move in from the west. you can see the dry air and tan colors with dew points in the 40s and 50s. some if from dc and points east. slightly drier air moving in but feels good out there an the satellite and radar shows a
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little fog earlier it is gone. an isolated shower in southern pennsylvania. this may scrape northern maryland county up to westminster, can't rule out you will see a passing sprinkle but the rest of us are high andrei. already 80 in winchester and orange. culpeper 75. fog was dense in manassas, they are sunny and 77. along the bay it is cooler, around 70. bay temperatures are coming down and that is dragging down the temperatures with it. dew point at 61. the winds will turn to the west as we go throughout the afternoon and pick up. pressure 30.02 and that is going to fall a bit. one disturbance passing to the north. this is why we are concerned that in new york, flushing meadow could have a passing shower for the tennis match this afternoon. in the meantime, the high pressure is in tennessee. i don't know what it is do. it is in tennessee. winds are west ahead of it and we will see a front come down or an upper air disturbance. either way the next system is weak as it comes through on
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tuesday night in to wednesday morning with showers mainly knot of us. a couple of clouds is all we can expect. the next system, you see it back here, that one is coming in late thursday in to friday morning. that will be the next best chance of showers. check this out. this is igor, well out in the atlantic here moving to the most. it will miss the islands. the problem with this 150-mile an hour hurricane, category four is that it is going to make the turn and head close to bermuda. it will weaken some, still, though, could be a category two or three storm in bermuda sometime on the late to mid saturday and sunday morning. all eyes watching igor out there. for us looking good. low to mid-80s. as we head to tomorrow and wednesday, lower 80s. taking the shower chance out for wednesday morning but there late thursday in to friday morning as we have upper 70s on friday and the skins are home. back with more 9 news new after
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compliment you on this. >> it can be difficult sometimes but we use local ingredients all year long and it results in a better tasting food and healthier product. >> certainly does. today you are making one of my favorites, gazpacho. i fell in love with it when i went to spain and they know how to do it and so do you. >> cucumber, garlic and jalapeno from nygaarden. you can make it for 2 people or 200. we put tomatoes and onions. >> i thought you were going to chop them up in pieces. >> i find for the soup you can put it in there. >> jalapeno, extra virgin olive oyl. f. >> all right. is this a -- >> this is our cucumber. >> you will put that in too. >> take a half cucumber and cut it in to smaller pieces. little balsamic vinegar. >> i didn't know that.
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>> all right. >> if you have ever had it sometimes it is done with lemon or lime juice. you can do that too. fresh cilantro and throw that in. a little salt. >> salt. >> and a little bit of pepper. >> okay. and then [ blender whirring ] >> gazapcoh. , that that's it and with the tomatoes at the market it is one of the the best ways to do it. >> smell it. it smells so good. it is easy and done in 90 seconds. come home after a hard day of work and put it together. >> the recipe is on our website at thank oliver friendly from eat and smile. i like the name of your company. eat and smile foods. thanks for joining us. come back and join us this afternoon after tennis.
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